Lame Duck, Clean House

Right now, a lot of our friends have totally forgot, that the 115th Congress will still be in session until the new 116th starts on January 3, 2019.

Liberal-left Democrats haven’t forgotten. They know we are in a weakened position now, with some good conservatives expected to lose today.

But President Obama lost far more Congressmen in his “off-year” elections and still got things done.

The fact is, as much as liberal-left Democrats hate it, Donald Trump is still President.

The 115th Congress still has nearly two months to go before the new Congress starts on January 3, 2019.

This Congress should finish the task they started.
It is a sordid business, but as you know, witnesses have testified, and the truth has started to come out.

The corruption and criminal behavior at the highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice, are now a matter of record.

And yet Attorney General Jim Sessions continues to do nothing. His Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, a holdover from the past administration, continues to refuse to take action.

Some of the top leaders of the Republican Party in both the Senate and the House, continue to delay.

If you agree then please send a note to President Trump making the following points President Trump right now asking him to:

Our plan is simple: President Trump should come out swinging. He should CLEAN HOUSE right now.

(1) CLEAN HOUSE by supporting Congressman Jim Jordan to be the new leader of House Republicans, not another wishy-washy, moderate establishment Congressman to replace the departing Paul Ryan.

(2) CLEAN HOUSE by putting in your own Attorney General who won’t sit out the most important battles of your Presidency as Jeff Sessions has done.

(3) CLEAN HOUSE by getting rid of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Replace him with someone committed to the success of your White House.

(4) CLEAN HOUSE by asking the House and Senate to pass the resolution for a 2nd Independent Counsel to investigate and prosecute the crimes of Hillary Clinton, her criminal allies who helped cover up for her, and the criminal effort to frame the President for crimes which don’t even exist in law.

5) And finally, CLEAN HOUSE after the 115th Congress passes that resolution, by requiring Attorney General Sessions, as his last act in office, to appoint a second Independent Counsel.

Address your letter to:
President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

The theme is simple: Mr. President, we support your taking immediate action to CLEAN HOUSE, starting while this 115th Congress, 2nd session, is still in session.

It is critical that the President know his most loyal supporters at Americans for the Trump Agenda are fully on board with him and totally support him as we begin the 2nd half of his first term as President.

The 2018 election is over tonight. By the time you read this, the next fight will be underway.

P.S. The best defense, is a good offense. The liberal-left aims to impeach President Trump. Lets support his effort to CLEAN HOUSE and take offense.

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