Petition To U.S. Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert & Andy Biggs

Please sign our petition below supporting passage of a new H. Res. 606 & demanding the new Attorney General answer certain questions and calling on Robert Muehler to resign

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Supporting passage of a new H. Res. 606 & demanding the new Attorney General answer these questions:

Why haven’t you empaneled a Grand Jury to hear the evidence you already have about the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her allies including those who continue to help her coverup, so they can issue criminal indictments?

Why haven’t you forced all those who participated in the crimes and the criminal coverup to recuse themselves from any decisions on this subject?

Why haven’t you appointed a special counsel to investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, star anti-Trump witness and former FBI Director James Comey and all their helpers?

When are you going to do your job and investigate Hillary Clinton and her criminal co-Conspirators?

Please let your fellow Congressmen know that I strongly support House Resolution 606 to ask the “Independent”Counsel Robert Mueller to resign, end the coverup and preserve justice.

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Prepared by Americans for the Trump Agenda - Capital H.Q., PO Box 98227, Washington, DC 20090-8227

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