Sign Up for Protest Against Fake News

America for the Trump Agenda in Conjunction with Main Street Patriots is Organizing the Defend Trump, Defend America Gatherings/Rallies

1st Event: Support Trump Gathering to Protest of Fake News at the Washington Post
Wednesday, June 7 – 1pm – 2pm – One Hour Only
The Washington Post
One Franklin Square
1301 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20071
Nearest Metro Station MacPherson Square Metro –

We the American people are calling out the Washington Post for its agenda driven fake news campaign to defame the Trump Administration with fake news, anonymous “sources” and publishing leaks of highly classified information.


Sidewalk picketing to protest anti-Trump FICTIONAL “News Activism” by the mainstream media such as The Washington Post.
Gather in the park across the street named “FRANKLIN SQUARE”
Bring your poster board signs (legible please), such as:

Sign Messaging: Fake News – Prosecute Leakers – Investigate Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton – Investigate Uranium One – Investigate Seth Rich Murder – End the Seth Rich Coverup – Stop fake news – We support the Trump Agenda – Defend America – Investigate Obama Domestic Spying, Investigate the Leaks , We support Trump, We Support the Trump, Make America Great Again, WAPO = DNC, Investigate Hillary’s Russian Ties, Lock Her Up, Investigate Seth Rich’s Murder, Defund Fake News, Investigate Hillary, Investigate Clinton Foundation, Clinton Foundation = Pay for Play, Investigate Clinton UraniaumOneGate

The following organizations are partnering to organize the event: Right Wing News, Main Street Patriots, and Americans for the Trump Agenda. Additionally, other grassroots groups will be lending their support.

There will be three of these events. One at the Washington Post, one at the New York Times, and one at CNN in Atlanta.

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