$82 million illegally raised by Hillary

$82 million illegally raised by Hillary, illegally laundered.  Federal Election Commission has power to unravel entire criminal conspiracy by simply tracing this money trail now revealed by former Democratic Party chairman Donna Brazile.


We have written a formal letter of complaint to Federal Election Commission (FEC) Acting General Counsel Lisa J. Stevenson,demanding they investigate Hillary Clinton, her 2016 campaign for President and the Democratic National Committee for their newly revealed violations of federal election law, as documented by attorney and legal advisor Gregg Jarrett on the Sean Hannity TV show.

The FEC, once it determines there is “probable cause” to believe these violations of law did in fact occur, then has the power to compel answers to our questions from Hillary Clinton, her campaign committee, the Democratic National and local Party organizations, to subpoena bank records and to criminally prosecute those who lie under oath.

The FEC “may issue orders requiring sworn written answers and subpoenas requiring a person to testify or to produce documents (FEC Rules).

Hillary Clinton cannot cover up or hide the truth this time.  Her own party’s then national chairman, Donna Brazile, has now admitted to this Hillary-scheme to violate campaign law and hide her criminal conduct.

The paper trail for $82 million Hillary illegally raised and laundered far exceeded all federal limits.  The paper trail cannot be erased.

The FEC Acting General Counsel is an Obama-era appointee, one of many “holdovers” in the deep state, hate-Trump government.

Without your support for my FEC complaint, the Barack Obama appointed “general counsel” will likely ignore it.  The Trump majority of FEC Commissioners, if that happens, will never vote on whether to open this investigation and go after Hillary Clinton.

Only a massive pressure campaign can persuade the FEC general counsel to pass on our complaint against Hillary Clinton to the FEC Commissioners to vote on whether to open this investigation.

The new evidence documenting these new charges is the result of the book and the TV interviews by Donna Brazile, then Democratic National Committee interim chairman.

Brazile reveals how Hillary’s campaign had a written – but secret - agreement with the Democratic National Committee to violate Federal Election Campaign law and to hide their illegal campaign activities.

Hillary Clinton helped raise $82 million, supposedly for state Democratic party organizations.  But then this money was illegally kicked back to the Hillary for President campaign in their hidden deal, clearly violating both the spirit and the actual FEC law.

Federal election law places a strict limit on campaign contributions – a limit that Hillary and her campaign simply ignored through their hidden money laundering, criminal conduct.

The $82 million Hillary helped raise for State Democrat Parties was then kicked back to the Democratic National Committee, which then kicked it back to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrats then paid $12 million of this illegally raised and laundered money for an opposition research project to link Donald Trump to Russia.

That was yet another violation of the law – to use campaign money to circumvent reporting requirements by paying a law firm to launder the money then paid for the opposition research.

It was the perfect definition of “collusion with the Russians” – except it was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who paid $12 million to create a phony research report with money paid for and directly to Russians.

The Hillary-Democratic money paid to the law firm was then paid to the research firm to circumvent federal election law.   The great lengths they went to in order to hide this proves criminal intent beyond doubt.

That Hillary-illegally-raised and laundered money was then paid to a former British spy, to go to his Kremlin-connected Russians.

For one year the Democrats and the national news media have been relying on this phony research report “dossier” to connect Donald Trump to Russia and to “colluding” to “hack” the 2016 U.S. election.

But the truth is, Hillary spent money she illegally raised, to spend it illegally, on an illegal subject, to criminally conspire with Russian sources, to pay illegally raised money to Russians.

All to smear Donald Trump and help elect Hillary as President.

It makes your head spin and your eyes water, tracing this complicated money trail to launder money for this Hillary illegal campaign scheme.

After she lost in 2016, Hillary and her allies used the “dossier” to get Donald Trump and his aides investigated and criminally prosecuted.

The “dossier” is being used to build support to impeach President Trump.

But this dossier-inspired investigation, as Fox TV commentator, author and former Trump White House official Sebastian Gorka said, “is a sham.”

“It is an utter outrage” said Gorka, who has spoken before the Freedom Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by Americans for the Trump Agenda.

Because this illicitly funded research “dossier” has been used by the special counsel Robert Mueller, Fox TV host Judge Jeanine called him a “criminal co-conspirator.”

Judge Jeanine’s explanation of what she calls a “charade” is perfect:

“Trump’s opponents have ‘made up a crime,’ then accused Trump and his aides of this crime they fabricated, then she called in her friends to prosecute the so-called crime.”

“Meanwhile, the Hillary side – including many of those participating in the supposed investigation and prosecution of the crime, even the people who appointed the investigators – actually collected money in the very deal making that they are investigating.”

Judge Jeanine is referring to the Uranium One deal where Hillary and allies – including FBI Directors Comey and Mueller (now “independent” counsel) – turned over 20% of U.S. uranium sources to Russia in exchange for millions paid to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton.

This isn’t merely about a campaign for President or a political party.

It is about how we choose our candidates for office and the fundamentals of self-government “of and by the people.”

It is about whether we will allow money raised illegally and laundered through several channels, to be used to sway voters in primary and general elections and to even be used to impeach a President, get his top aides criminally prosecuted and to impeach a President.

As Fox TV’s Sean Hannity asked, do we have one system of law for Hillary and her allies and a different one for the rest of us?  Do we have equal justice under the law?

During the Watergate era, the secret source of information reported by the Washington Post said “follow the money” to reveal criminal activity.

“Follow the money” is what the Federal Election Commission can do.

The good news is that the FEC has the power to unravel the entire criminal conspiracy by simply tracing the Hillary Clinton money trail revealed by former Democratic Party chairman Donna Brazile.

The good news is that a majority of the FEC commissioners who vote on whether to begin an investigation, are Donald Trump appointees.

The bad news: FEC Acting General Counsel Lisa J. Stevenson is a Barack Obama appointee, who will NOT RECOMMEND to the FEC Commissioners that Hillary Clinton’s criminal conduct should be investigated, unless you and I and an aroused public demands it with massive pressure.

To help me reach one million more Americans to help us persuade the Federal Election Commission to act on our complaint I need your support.

We already knew – as did a majority of Americans - that Hillary Clinton is corrupt.  But her raising $82 million for state Democratic Parties, then illegally transferring it to her control, her payments to Russians to create a phony “dossier” –are violations of federal campaign law.

Americans for the Trump Agenda

P.S.  As TV commentator and legal advisor Gregg Jarrett said, “a document trail will lead investigators to multiple violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

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