President Donald J. Trump’s First State of the Union Address

Let's be clear: this was the most powerful State of the Union speech we have ever heard. We were delighted. This is “a new American moment” as the President said.

But President Donald J. Trump’s first State of the Union address last night got mixed reviews.

But 11 liberal Democrats boycotted and did not even show up to take their seats for the speech.

The media fell over themselves covering 5 liberal Democrat Congressmen who gave their own “State of the Union” speech criticizing the President.
There was an official Democrat “state of the Union” address, all negative about President Trump

In New York City they had an “alternative” state of the union rally with a star-studded cast – such as film maker Michael Moore and a host of liberals, to offer the media an alternative to covering President Trump.

The lamestream media blasted him even before President Trump addressed the nation Tuesday night.

President Trump took a beating at the hands of his critics after his remarks. All designed to turn people against him and allow the Democrats to win the 2018 elections and impeach him in 2019.

I’m a big fan of President Trump. I loved his first State of the Union speech, the best ever since Ronald Reagan was our President and champion.

OK. Some conservatives are not pleased with the President’s offer of amnesty for 1.8 million illegals. Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite part of his speech.

But, other conservatives realize that this is the nature of compromise – if his opponents give us $25 billion to build the wall and agree to end “chain migration” then, we have to give them something.

The liberals of course, are showing what hypocrites they are. Some of them, including Democrat leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, brought one of the illegals (“dreamers”) with her to the State of the Union speech.

How they can reject the offer by the President of a bigger amnesty than even Barack Obama offered – 1.8 million – and the offer of citizenship, beats me.
Without the offer to the Democrats, it is unlikely he will be able to get the funds to build the wall to stop illegals crossing over into America from Mexico.

Without the compromise, it is unlikely he will have the votes to end chain migration. In that case we just go into the 2018 elections and let the voters decide.
Let the Democrats run as the party of amnesty for illegals and President Donald Trump can ask for more GOP Senators and Congressmen to win so he can enact his own program without Democratic votes in Congress.

Americans for the Trump Agenda

P.S. The President laid out his accomplishments of the past year and his hopes for this year in his State of the Union speech last night. The liberals started attacking him even before he spoke. They’ve gone into overdrive blasting him after. I think his speech was terrific, the best since Ronald Reagan.


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